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Posted by John on Friday, April 17, 2009 at 8:47am.

1. A person who tells actors in a film or play how to play their parts. (The definition of 'director')

( In the expression, what is the part of speech of 'in a film or play'? Is it an adjective phrase or an adverbial phrase?)

2. I dislike him to go abroad.
2-1. I dislike him going abroad.

(Are both right?)

3. I got 100 on the test.
3-1. I got a 100 on the test.
3-2. I got a 100 points on the test.
3-3. I got 100 points on the test.
(Which one is right?)

4. Your computer broke down.
4-1. Your computer was broken down.
4-2. Your computer was out of order.
4-3. Your computer was down.

(Which one is similar to #4? Are all the same and grammatical?)

5. During some shows, people can sit in the studio and watch.

5-1. For some shows, people can sit in the studio and watch.

(Can we use 'For' instead of 'During'?)

6. Is 'drama' the same as ' soap opera'? (question)

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