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Posted by John on Thursday, April 16, 2009 at 2:34am.

1. The second seed came out of the earth.

2. The second seed came out of the Earth.

(Which one is correct? Do I have to use 'earth' or 'Earth'?)

3. I felt to get up early.
3-1. I felt getting up early.
3-2. I felt like getting up early.
3-3. I felt that I had to get up early.

(Which one is correct? What expressions can we use with 'felt'?)

4. The song feels nice and the flower smells beautiful.
(Is this sentence correct?)

5. Please meet Tom.
5-1. Let me introduce Tom to you.

(I know that 5 and 5-1 is the same? Why is that? Why is 5 the same as 5-1?)

6. You grew so much the last few days.
(Is 'the last few days' an adverbial phrase? Which preposition is missing before the last few days?)

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