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1- wave velocity is related to
a- period b-wavelength c-amplitude d-all of these
2- wave amplitude is related to
a- wave velocity b- frequency c- energy d-wave length
3-which of the following radiation has te smallest frequency?
a- infrared b- visible c- ultraviolet d-x-rays
4-light can travel to the earth from a distant star but sound cannot.why is it?
a- light is an electromagnetic wave and sound requires a medium
b- the sun does not make sound
c- light is a longitudinal wave and sound is a transverse wave
d-the statement is false both will travel in empty space
5- resonance occurs when
a- two different objects vibrate with different frequencies
b- two different objects produce beats
c- an object having certain natural frequency is set in vibration by second object vibrating at that frequency.
d- an object produces a sound.
6- when oscillator is driven in resonance,
a- there are no standing waves
b-all natural frequencies are present
c- there is maximum energy transfer
d- any driving frequency may be used.
7-imags of objects are formed by lenses because of
a- refraction b-diffraction c-internal reflectn d-all of these

8- complete destructive interference occurs for two waves of the same amplitude and frequency when the waves are out of phase by:
a- zero degree
b- 90 degrees
c- 180 degrees
d-360 degrees
9-what is the wavelength in meters of radio waves produced by a radio station with a frequency of 1400 KHz?
a- 2.1 X 10^7 m
b-2.1 X 10 ^12m
c- 4.23 X 10 ^14
d- 2.1 X 10^2m
10- what is the frequency in hertz of a sound wave( v=340 m/s) with wavelength of 0.20m?
a- 1.7 X 10^3 Hz
b- 17 X 10^3 Hz
c- 1.7 X 10^2
d- 68Hz
11- a series of ocean waves each 6.0m from crest to crest moving past an observer at a rate of 2.0 waves per second has what speed?
a-3 m/s b- 12 m/s c- 33 m/s d- 720 m/s
12- how many times greater is the speed of red light(700nm) than the speed of violet light(400nm) in a vacuum?
a- 1,100 nm b- 300 nm c- 175 times d- both have the same speed
13- how many times faster is the speed of light in vacuum than the speed of sound in air?
a- 10^6 times
b- 10^ -6 times
c- 300 X 10^6 times
d- 300 times
14- the speed of light in diamond is 1.24 X 10^8 m/s. what is the index of refraction of diamond?
a- 2.42 b-242 c- 0.41 d- 1.24

15- a particular material has an index of refraction of 1.25. what percent of the speed of light in vacuum is the speed of light in the material?
a- 125 %
b- 8%
c- 12.5 %
d- 80 %

16- an object is placed 8cm from a converging spherical lens. The general characteristics of the image for a lens with a focal length of f=12 cm.
a- real, inverted, and enlarged
b- virtual, upright, and enlarged
c- virtual, inverted and smaller
d- real , upright and smaller
17- a simple magnifying glass has a focal length of 6.0cm. an object is placed 4.0 cm from it. Give the characteristics of the image.

a- virtual, inverted and smaller
b- real, inverted and enlarged
c- virtual, upright and enlarged
d- real, upright and smaller


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    Frank -- we do not DO homework assignments or answer test questions.

    We will be glad to HELP you if you post your answers to multiple choice questions.




    The "work function", or the minimum energy needed to eject an electron from the metal, can be expressed in several different ways. As stated on the applet page, sodium has a work function of 2.75 eV.

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