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Posted by John on Tuesday, April 14, 2009 at 4:41pm.

1. We do exercises and play baketalll at the basketball court.

2. We warm-up and play tennis at the tennis court.

3. We do warm-ups and play badminton at the badminton court.

4. We do warm up exercises and do bowling at the bowling alley.

5. We prepare parts from a stationary store and make robots with them.

6. We take care of sick people and clean up streets.

7. We discuss how to make scripts and do plays on the stage.

8. We listen to music in the music appreciation room and sing songs at the club office.

9. We do warm-ups and climb mountains.

10. We watch videos about robots and make robots with a variety of parts.

11. We go to the Han River and clean it up by picking waste. We prepare plastic bags and put garbage in them.

12. We do gymnastics and play golf at the golf course.

(Would you check up the expressions? Correct errors, please.)

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