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Inorganic chemistry

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mol KHP = (0.7719g)(1 mol KHP/204.2g) = .0038mol

Where are the moles of NaOH?

I know that there are 0.02637 L of NaOH

and I know M = mol/l

I know there are 40g NaOH/mol NaOH

There is 1 mol of NaOH in the balanced equation

But I do not have grams of NaOH

  • Inorganic chemistry -

    If you know M = mol/L, doesn't it follow that mols = M x L? :-)
    So mols NaOH = M(NaOH) x L(NaOH).
    mols NaOH = mols KPH (from the titration)
    L(NaOH) is given.
    Solve for M(NaOH) which is what you want.
    The whole concept of a titration is that you are adding moles of one reagent (from a buret, usually) to moles of another reagent (either in solid form or liquid form) and you have an indicator that tells you when to stop. [Technically, you are adding equivalents of one reagent to equivalents of another reagent]. But the NEW chemistry doesn't use equivalents. Pity.

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