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If I were to graph 20a+34b is greater than or equal to 240, which would be the easier way: graphing it by finding the x and y intercepts, or graphing it by finding the slope and y-intercept?

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    since you are talking about x and y intercepts you should look at your relation as
    20x + 34y ≥ 240 rather than using a and b

    I usually use the x and y intercepts, since in most cases you can do them in your head.
    e.g. if y = 0, x = 12
    if x = 0, y = appr. 7 (actually 7.06)
    so you quickly have two points that determine your line.

    If the equation is in the form
    y = mx + b, I mark the y-intercept, then step off to the next point by using the slope.
    e.g. y = (3/4)x + 1

    mark (0,2), from that point move to the right 4, then up 3 and you got your two points for the line. Real easy.

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