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Posted by John on Monday, April 13, 2009 at 8:35am.

1. I am in the RCY club. We do clean-up activities and help people in need.

2. I am in the gag club. We make scripts and do plays.

3. I am in the science invention club. We make things with plastic and metals
and have a display show.

4. I am in the pop music club. We listen to pop music and sing songs.

5. I am in the reading and writing club. We read books and write compositions.

6. I am in the mountain climbing club. We practice gymnastics and climb mountains.

7. I am in the robotics club. We learn science and make robots.

8. I am in the cartoon drawing club. We learn fine arts and draw cartoons.

9. I am in the badminton club. We practice playing ping-pong at a table tennis room.

10. I am in the bowling club. We exercise and learn how to bowl in the bowling alley.

11. I am in the volunteer work club. We go to rivers or mountains and do clean-up activities there.

12. I am in the physical education for life club. We get together, have a good time, and exercise at a fitness center.

13. I am in the Seokmun gigong club. We meditate in the club room and control our breath. We learn how to control psychic energy by circulating ki.

14. I am in the sports journalism club. We read news articles and talk about current news.

15. I am in the animation club. We learn drawing and make animation programs at a computer.

16. I am in the on-line club. We learn how to use a computer and know about surfing the Internet.

17. I am in the soccer club. We learn how to stretch body parts and play soccer on the school playground.

18. I am in the quilting club. We learn how to make quilts and dolls with cloth, thread, and long needles

19. I am in the badminton club. We lean how to play badminton in the gym.

20. I am in the balloon art club. We learn to make animals, things, and people with balloons and pumps.

21. I am in the ecology club. We go to rivers and mountains and pick up garbage there to clean the places.

(Writeache, I appreciate your help. I corrected expressions. Would you check up the sentences again?)

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