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13. I am in the Seokmun gigong club. We meditate in the club room and control the breath. We learn how to control psychin energy by circulating ki.

14. I am in the sports newspaper club. We read news articles and talk about current news.

15. I am in the animation club. We learn drawing and make animation program at a computer.

16. I am in the on-line club. We learn how to use a computer and know about surfing the Internet.

17. I am in the soccer club. We learn how to stretch body parts and play soccer on the school playground.

18. I am in the quilting club. We learn how to make quilts and dolls with strings and long needles.

19. I am in the badminton club. We lean how to play badminton in the gym.
20. I am in the balloon art club. We learn to make animals, things and men with balloons and pumps.

21. I am in the environment love club. We go to rivers and mountains and pick up garbage there to clean the places.

(Would you check what members of clubs do? Correct the errors,please.)

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    13 -- We meditate in the club room and control our breath. We learn how to control psychic energy by circulating ki.

    14 -- sports journalism club or simply journalism club would be better.

    15 sounds fine except that you need to write "animation programs" -- also substituting the word "cartoon" for "animation" would be more usual.

    16 is fine.

    17 is fine.

    18 -- I think you mean "with cloth, thread, and long needles."

    19 is fine.

    20 is fine; just add another comma after "things."

    21 sounds strange -- "the ecology club" would be better, or even "the conservation club."

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