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Posted by David on Sunday, April 12, 2009 at 9:34pm.

IN my experiment, I was doing a qualitative analysis of Group I and II anions using a flowchart. IN the chart I added 5 drops of 0.1M AgNO3 and several drops of 3M HNO3 to 5 drops of solution and found that a precipitate was formed. Thus it was classified as a Group I anion. Next, to 5 drops of fresh sample I added 5 drops of 0.1 M AgNO3 and observed a precipitate once again. Then I centrifuge the solution and discarded the liquid. Then I added 1mL concentrated NH4OH and 1mL water and stirred well. I once again observed another precipitate and then to 3 drops of fresh sample, add 3M HNO3 until just acidic. Add 3 drops of NaOCl solution and then 1mL hexane. Then I had to observe the color of the hexane layer. If it turned yellow it was Br- and if it was brown or purple then it was I-.
My question is: What is going on in the hexane layer at the end of the Group I anion experiment?

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