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Inorganic chemistry

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A 50 ml sample fo 0.240M NH3(aq) is titrated with aqueous hydrochloric acid. What is the pH after the addition fo 15.0 ml of 0.0600M HCl(aq)? (kb of NH3 = 1.8 x 10^5)

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    I believe this is a buffer solution problem so you should use the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.
    pH = pKa + log [(base)/(acid)]
    NH3 + HCl ==> NH4Cl
    How much NH3 do you have to start with?
    M x L = ??
    How much HCl has reacted with it.
    M x L = ??
    Subtract to see how much and what is in excess and substitute into the HH equation.
    Remember that Ka = Kw/Kb

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