February 23, 2017

Homework Help: Animal Community Paper (Ethics)

Posted by Summer on Saturday, April 11, 2009 at 8:16pm.

Ok so I need help getting started on my essay. The topic: "Where do animals belong in the moral community? Should animals be seen as only having instrumental worth to humans, or do animals have some intrinsic worth? Should they be given any rights? Is it speciesist to give preferential treatment to humans over non-human animals?"

My thoughts on this:
Animals don't belong in the moral community, as they don't have morals, but act purely on instinct. But they DO belong in the human community. A common-sense approach is to recognize that there are compelling reasons to use animals for medical research and other purposes, and at the same time to affirm our obligation to treat animals with respect and compassion. I believe that animals have both instrumental worth AND intrinsic worth, but it depends on the animal/species. For example, livestock has instrumental worth because they serve a purpose. But bears, wolves, domesticated animals, wild animals, etc have intrinsic worth. They are their OWN being and don't belong to anybody (except the domesticated animals).

If I could just get some help started with this paper, that would be GREATLY appreciated! I think I have some ideas for the bodies of my essay but I just need help getting started, and a good thesis.

Thesis: While it can be argued that animals are a part of the human community, they are not part of the moral community.

Is this thesis I came up with ok, or can it be corrected anymore? Please help me for I have to get a good grade on this paper!

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