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Hannah took a trip yo visit her cousin. She drove 120 miles to reach her cousin's house and the same distance back home.

a) It took her 1.2 hours to get halfway to her cousin's house. What was her average speed, in miles per hour, for the first 1.2 hours of the trip?

b) Hannah's average speed for the remainder of the trip to her cousin's house was 40 miles per hour. How long, in hours, did it take her to drive the remaining distance?

c) Traveling hme along the same route. Hannah drove at an average rate of 55 miles per hour. After 2 hours her car broke down/ How many miles was she from home?

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    Just plod along step by step.
    a) halfway is 60 miles in 1.2 hr = 60/1.2 = 50 m/hr

    b) 60 miles at 40 miles per hr = 1.5 hr

    c) 55*2 = 110
    120 - 110 = 10

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