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Statistics PLEASE HELP

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1. In a recent election Smith ran against Jones for Governor. A pre-election poll surveyed 1885 randomly selected voters. Of those surveyed 980 indicated that they planned to vote for Smith. The five questions below pertain to the problem of testing the hypothesis that a majority of voters favor Smith. Testing is to be done at the 0.01 significance level. First find the sample proportion of voters who plan to vote for Smith.


2. Find the sample standard deviation.


3. Find the test statistic.


4. Find the P-value.


5. Is the claim that a majority of the voters favor Smith supported at the 0.01 significance level? Enter 1 for yes, 0 for no.


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    Here's a few hints.

    1. To find the sample proportion of voters, use x/n. x = number who planned to vote for Smith. n = sample size. You can convert this to a decimal if asked to do so.

    2. Sample standard deviation = √npq
    n = sample size. p & q both equal .5 if no value is stated.

    3. Use a z-test formula. You will need a population proportion or a population mean, which I don't see stated in the problem.

    4. The p-value is the actual level of the test statistic, which can be found using a z-table.

    5. If the p-value is greater than .01, the claim cannot be supported. If the p-value is less than .01, then the claim can be supported.

    I hope this will help.

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