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I am very lost on this one can anyone please help me? In this scenario, how would you conduct a stakeholder impact analysis using the stakeholder impact analysis approaches methods: moral standards and 5-question? The mayor of a small seaside town faces a tough decision. A prominent developer has submitted a proposal to build a large mall and resort in the town. This development is estimated to bring $150 million in tourism each year and several hundred new jobs to the community, which badly needs the economic boost. The proposed location of the new development, however, is a site that now houses the only nursing home and senior citizens’ recreation center in the area. Both the nursing home and recreation center would have to be demolished, affecting 100 seniors and 30 employees. There is no other location in town where the new development can be built. How should the mayor decide: in favor of economic prosperity or in defense of his elderly citizens?

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    Have you researched on some of the sites in this GOOGLE Search?:


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    1. The mayor knows the group involved, has identified them and made a list.
    2. What is the desired outcome? He'll never make everyone happy!
    3. With a petition/survey he'd have those for and those against.
    4. Obviously he knows th e barriers/concerns. These elders and seniors can not be thrown out with no place to go.
    5. How badly does this town need jobs, income, etc.
    6. What actions would you take, if you were the mayor?


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