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Posted by John on Thursday, April 9, 2009 at 6:59am.

1. I watch a comic drama on TV when I feel blue.

2. I watch comic drama on TV when I feel blue.

(Which one is correct? Is #2 not correct?)

3. Mike is idle. Plus, he never exercises.

(Is this correct? Which expression can we use instead of 'Plus'?)

4. He is a mouse potato.
(Do you use this expression? What is the meaning of this sentence?)

5. Don't close your eyes where I take a picture.

6. Don't close your eyes when I take a picture.

(Which one is correct in #5 and #6?)

7. Stand in a line.
8. Stand in line.

(Which one is correct? Are both OK?)

9. He wins every time.
10. He wins at every time.
(Which one is correct? Can we use 'at every time' in this sentence or in other sentences?)

11. He put the fire out.
12. He extinguished the fire.
(Are both the same? do you have other similar expressions?)

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