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write an equation for the line in point slope form...when it passes through (9,1) and the x intercept is 5 and then slope intercept so confused

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    You are given two points
    (9,1) and (5,0)

    Every textbook must have an example for this basic type of question.

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    The line passes through (9,1) and (5,0)

    The slope is (1-0)/(9-5) = 1/4

    y = (1/4) x + b

    1 = 9/4 + b
    b = -5/4

    y = (1/4)(x - 5)
    is the equation of the line.

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    thanks drwls...and wow thanks for nothing reiny sound like a know it all so sorry i didn't know what to do never mind im need to be a jerk bout it....

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