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When a conducting sphere is charged positively, initially the charge is deposited on the left side. However, due to the sphere's conducting nature, the charge spreads uniformly throughout the surface to the sphere. Charge is uniformly distributed because:
A. charged atoms at the location of charge distribute throughout the surface.
B. excess protons move from the location of charge to rest.
C. excess protons within the sphere move toward excess protons.
D. excess charge within the sphere moves out into the ground from the surface.

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    All answers are wrong. At least, if this were not multpile choice then, reasonably speaking, a teacher would have to mark any of the answers as "not correct".

    The reason why the charge spreads out uniformly is because a non uniform charge distribution gives rise to a electric field.

    The force on a charge is the charge times the electric field, so the charge will move. The charges will stop to move when the electric field is zero. This is the case when the charges are uniformly distributed.

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    I know, it's annoying.... I'm just putting A..

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    Answer A is wrong because it is not charged atoms that move. It is free electrons. The teacher should know better.

    All the other answers are also wrong

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