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Posted by A.W. on Wednesday, April 8, 2009 at 10:28am.

Can someone please look this over and let me know if I described the Plate Tectonic Theory? Thanks.
Write a 200-300-word summary about two historical figures and the process of mantle convection and plate movement.
Two historical figures that contributed to the plate tectonic theory are Alfred Wegener a German geologist and Harry Hess an American geologist. But they cannot get all of the credit. There is also Xavier LePichon French geophysical.
The process of mantle convection and plate movement happens when heat in the Earth’s core rises to the top. When the heat gets to the top, it goes left or right. With whatever way it decides to go is the way the plate will move. And with the heat the plates will move.
An example of this is if you take a pot of boiling water with the bubbles rising to the top. You a person will see the form escaping in water vapor. Alternatively, a person can use a pot of water as the Earth; with the top layer of thin crust. If we move the pot where it is half on and half off the of the burner, a person can create a strong convection current inside the pot of boiling water by moving the pot. The heat from the burner rising up on the surface. And then moving down the other side of the pot, to create a large convection current.
Relative to the size of the Earth, the crust is quite thin, and hence affected by movement caused by the convection currents within the Earth. Much like the top crusty layer of the pot of water moves as a result of the convection current within the pot. And the shifting of the Earth’s thin crust happens with the movement of the entire continents.

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