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Please help with this problem!

Planet Pemdas is a perfect sphere that does not rotate. If a rocket flies in a path following the circumference of Pemdas, and maintains a constant altitude of 25,000 feet above the surface for one orbit, how many more feet than the planet's circumference is the path of the rocket? Express the answer to the nearest thousand feet.

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    radius increasses by 25000 solve for dimater then solve for circumference i think

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    circumf of planet = 2pi(r)
    circumf of path of rocket = 2pi(r+25000)
    = 2p(r) + 2pi(25000)

    so the increase is 2pi(25000)

    (I am sure the people of Pemdas would not use a medieval unit of measurement as the "foot")

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    Thank you SO much!!!


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