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1 Which statement most accurately reflects the research on adolescent employment?
A the number of hours worked affects adolescent well-being
B the benefits of employment far outweigh the negative effects
C most adolescents report positive effects of employment
D adolescent employment frequently helps pay for college

i believe the correct answer is B

2 The system responsible for releasing sex hormones during puberty is the
A pituitary system
B gonads
C hypothalamus
D adrenal system

I believe the correct answer is C

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    1. Although B is likely to be true, "most" would lead me to choose A. If students overload themselves with work, their health, school and family situations will suffer, along with their work.

    2. Although they are influenced by the hypothalamus, the gonads are most directly responsible for the release of sex hormones. I would choose B.

    I hope this helps. Thanks for asking.

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