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predict the geometries of the complexes from these reactions:

1- [pt(NO2)cl3)]2- + NH3 --> [pt(NO2)(NH3)cl2]-1 +cl-

2-cis-[pt(RNH2)2(NH3)(NO2)]+1 + cl- --> Pt(RNH2)(NH3)(NO2)Cl + RNH2

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    You have posted this same question numerous times. Unfortunately, you haven't clarified the question. Exactly which compounds do you want the geometry. You have four listed; is it the first and third, all four, or what?
    From the literature I can find, most Pt complexes are square planar. The first compound listed for #2 MUST be square planar because that's the only four-coordinate complex that will give cis and trans isomers (sp3 tetrahedral won't do it). The first compound of #1 could be sp3 hybridized (and tetrahedral); however, since most Pt complexes with coordination 4 are square planar, I think this would be square planar also. My best advice is to go to your school library and look under books with Pt chemistry and coordination chemistry. Sorry I'm not more help.

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