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Posted by history on Friday, April 3, 2009 at 10:06pm.

please check these:
1. Which of the following best describes Kennedy's domestic policy success?
a. Congress supported nearly all his programs, but most were failures
b. He had won a popular mandate that made passage of his programs easy
c. He rarely succeeded in pushing legislation through Congress
d. he launched a remarkable reform program that altered American society


2. To achieve victory in the struggle for civil rights, Martin Luther King, Jr., and other members of teh SCLC encouraged a policy of
a. armed confrontation
b. nonviolent protest
c. lawsuits
d. national strikes


3. In what way were the SCLC and CORE alike?
a. Both relied on militant tactics
b. Both were founded by church leaders
c. Both promoted nonviolent protest
d. Neither was interracial

i'm pretty sure its not D, i think it might be C...?

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