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carol and bruno drag a box of mass 58.0 kg along a frictionless floor. Carol pushes the box with a force of 11.4 N at an angle of 40.0 downward from the horizontal. Bruno pulls the box from the other side with a force of 11.0 N at an angle of 40.0 above the horizontal. What is the net work done on the box if the displacement of the box is 14.5 m?

A. 5.8 J
B. 2.49 10^2 J
C. 3.25 10^2 J
D. 8.24 10^3 J

I know the formula is W=Fdcos0 but I keep trying and can't get the right answer

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    You have to add the F d cos theta values of both Carol and Bruno.
    14.5 m * (11.4 cos 40 + 11.0 cos 40)Newtons
    = 249 J

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