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Homework Help: Rationing

Posted by Chopsticks on Friday, April 3, 2009 at 5:49pm.

Compare the rationing in WWII to how we have been affected by the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. How would Americans today react to a government rationing program? Choose 3 of the items you read about that were rationed during WWII and explain whether or not you think they would be easier or more difficult to ration today.

3 items being rationed:
-Sugar - Sugar is almost in everything
- Meat - People need meat, its almost in every household's daily meal
Gasoline - People that had jobs far away from home couldn't make it everyday

American's today would riot over rationing programs that the government put out because those ingredients is essential for the average american life. (I need more on this)

Rationning Gasoline would cause a MAJOR problem in the U.S. Almost everyone has a car, and they need gasoline to operate it. Also, if meat and sugar were rationed, people would begin to go crazy.

I have no response for the Afganistan or Iraq part.

Can someone assist me?

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