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The melting point of a solid is 90.0 degrees C. What is the heat required to change 2.5 of this solid at 40.0 degrees C to a liquid? The specific heat of the solid is 390 J/kg (K) and its heat of fusion is 4000 J/kg.

A. 4.9 10^4 J
B. 1.0 10^4 J
C. 5.9 10^4 J
D. 5.0 10^4 J

I am leaning towards C, but I need help understanding the process a bit more thoroughly. Thanks!

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    I assume that the amount to be melted is 2.5 kg. If you start out at the melting point (40 C), the energy reguired is 4000 J/kg x 2.5 kg = ?

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    Yes kg.
    So the answer is B?

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