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A ladder leaning against a vertical wall makes a angle of 75degree with the ground. If the foot of the ladder is 4 feet from the base of the wall, would this ladder be long enough for you to retrieve the suction dart that your friend stuck 17ft up the wall?

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    First set up a right triangle:
    H / ) X (wall)
    / )
    4 (distance from ladder to wall)

    distance from ladder to wall=4
    height of wall=X

    We know that the ladder and the ground make a right triangle so we can use trig functions to solve.

    since tan is opposite side over adjacent side we have this so far:


    4tan75=X (multiply both side by 4)

    type that into your calculator and you should get about 15 feet.

    Does this answer your question?

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    sorry I tried to make a diagram up there but it turned into jibberish when I posted.

    Also I forgot to put that the angle between the ladder and the ground is 75.

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    9. An equilateral triangle has an altitude length of 36 feet. Determine the length of a side of the triangle.

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    a 12-foot ladder rests against the side of a house.the base of the ladder is 3 feet away from the side of the high above the ground is the top of the ladder? round to the nearest of a foot

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    The base of a ladder should be placed 3 feet from the wall for every 5 feet of ladder length. How many a ladder is needed to safely reach 36 feet above ground?

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