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what does it mean for an ordered pair to be a soltuin of both equations?

for example,for this system, is the ordered pair a solution of both equations?



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    substitute the x and y values of your given point into each of the two equations.
    If the statement is true, that is, if it satisfies the equation, then it is a solution for the equations.

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    let's say for one equation you get 2=2, and for another, you get the ordered pair a solution of both equations?

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    yes, both are true statements, so it is a solution.

    if one of the equations had given you 3 = 5, then "not"

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    what if for one equation it's 3=5, and for another it's also 3=5?

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    then clearly the point is not on either of the two lines.

    (each of the given equation has a graph representing a straight line)

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    ok then thanks

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