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Say that an airplane is traveling at 800mph. A woman walks from the back of that plane to the front at 3mph. How fast is that woman actually walking?

Is she still walking 3mph? or

800+3= 803mph?

I keep wanting to say its 3mph

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    She's actually walking at 3 mph, but she's traveling at 803 mph.

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    So her total speed is actually 803?

    Say the airplane was moving forward at 800mph and she walks from the front of that plane to the back

    would she be traveling at

    800-3 = 797mph?

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    That's how I see it, but a real math tutor may interpret this data differently.

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    I think I get it. Its 3mph relatively to the plane, but 803mph relatively to the ground.


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    Sounds right to me! :-)

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    Ms. Sue is right

    chopsticks, pretend you are walking on one of these airport "people movers" which is moving at 4 km/h and your walking speed is 3 km/h.
    Would you not be moving at 7 km/h ?
    Now walk against the traffic, would you be moving at only 1 km/h ?

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