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SraJMcGin read this but he didn't help me out. Pro-war & religion ( Rememeber I'm against global peace) Is this right at all and what else can I add because I need a couple more sentences. Thanks

A few people feel that they believe in the only right religion and that people of other faiths should be destroyed. War is fought over what individuals believe in, and what they support. True religion and war believes in a person's rights and freedoms. Because of war individuals are free to do what they want. War lets humans justify their actions and not feel guilty for what they are doing when they know that its wrong.

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    You might mention that feuds between two religions in a locale often goes on for hundreds of years. Wars break out every so often and is justified by an event that happened generations ago.

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    is this right though. Being pro-war for religion (being against global peace)

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