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this is kinda similar to last nights question
We have to write an introduction, thesis, and now part of the body
My topic was if I could do anything without getting in trouble, what would it be?
My introduction is life is a risk itself, can you imagine how adventurous it would be if we could do anything without getting in trouble? A lot of laws would be broken a lot more people would be at harm, but having the ability to get away with just about anything is a risk I would love to take.
(Rhetorical question, anectote)
My Thesis is without getting in trouble my life would be more fun.
how did those sound
then for the other part of my thesis it says a list of main points to be discussed (a preview) A. keywords
b. keywords.
Then for the body we got to make a complete transitional sentence main point
whats that stuff mean?

  • speech/english -

    That means that one you go from one paragraph to another you want to use a transition word to help the flow of your paper. So far sounds good keep going!!!

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