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i have 4 questions from an excerpt from President Truman's "Truman Doctrine" speech, made to Congress in March 1947.

"nearly every nation must chose between... i believe that we much assist free peoples to work out their.."

my first question is : when truman uses the phrase "alternate ways of life," what two ways of life was he talking about?

well in the excerpt it says -based on the will of the majority, and -based upon the will fo a minority forcibly imposted upon majority...

if this is the correct answer, can i write it in my own words, or in a bettwer way?

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    Isn't Truman defending freedom and democracies against the Communist systems that don't have freedom or democracy?

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    2. of the two ways of life Truman discussed, which one did the Untied States support?

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    i need help on that too was it democracy or dictatorship??

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