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I know that "prendre" and "emporter"(for portable items) both mean "to take" but somehow I have the feeling that they are not synonymous.
Is it correct to say:
"je prends un livre de la table"(I take a book from the table)
but "j'emporte un livre à l'école"
(I take a book to school).
"Je prends un verre de l'eau"
(I take a glass of water)
"j'emporte un verre de l'eau à ma mére".
(I take a glass of water to my mother.)
Thank you!

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    prendre = to take; to take on; to take up; catch ; get (obtain & bring); steal (a kiss); buy (a ticket); make (an appointment)

    emprunter = to borrowq take (a road, a route); take on (false appearances)

    You really catch the nuances! Chic alors!

    Sra (aka Mme)

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    Merci Mme.

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