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ther is 7 girls on a bus
each girl has 7 bookbags
each bookbags has 7 big cats
for every big cat there are 7 little cats
how many legs are on the bus

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    there is 42 legs not including the bookbags

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    hi anthony,

    hint first. try figuring out separately how many girls, then how many big cats, and then how many little cats.

    obviously each girl has 2 legs and each cat 4 legs.

    i get a few more than 42 legs on the bus

    i get 7 girls,
    7x7bookbags=49 book bags
    7 bc x 49 bbs= 343 big cats
    7 Lc x 343 bc = 2401 little cats

    so.....girls 7x2=14legs
    343bcx4=1372 big cat legs
    2401x4= 9604 little cat legs

    14+1372+9604=10990 legs

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