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A few more questions on Antigone; Can someone please check my answers?:

1. When Ismene and Antigone disagree in the first scene, Ismene says "You are unwise but a loyal friend indeed to those who love you." Is it an accurate picture of Antigone? Why or why not? Explain your answer.
Ans- I think this one might be on personal opinion but I think this is an accurate picture of Antigone because she may be unwise to break the law but she is loyal to her brother whom she loved and who loves her.

2. Compare and contrast Antigone and Creon in the beginning of the play.
Ans- In the beginning of the play, Antigone is loyal to her dead brother and brave to her brother; Creon is cruel in the beginning to make such a law.

Thanks! -MC

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    1. sounds good.

    2. Antigone, Ismene, and their brothers were all nieces/nephews to Creon. What does this say about his sense of family? Anything?

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    Chopsticks, your answer was not helpful. It's better to post nothing than to post unhelpful comments.

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