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For this system, is the ordered pair a solution of both equations?How do you know?

(5,1) y=-x+4

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    No, it is not because when you plug in x for the first equation you get -1 as y, not 1. And for the second equation when you plug in 5 for x you get -1 again, not 1.

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    aight the first thing u do is sub in the coordinates for x and y

    so in the first equation ur x will be 5 and y will 1
    then u solve the problem and both sides should be equal

    so ur equation should look like this

    1=9- as u can see both sides don't equal the same ( so it doesnt work for the first one, from there u have answered the question since it says doesn it work for BOTH solution and it doesnt)

    but for practice u should try the second one

    1=-1( as u can see it doesnt work for this one either, so now u have ur answer that no it doesnt work)

    p.s- a solution that would work would be something like this

    coordinates 1,5


    cuz when u sub the x and the y they both equal 1

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