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16. (TCO 2) Which of the following is the most important step to help improve America's business ethics?
Middle management support.
-- Enforcement.
Identification of the organizational ethics officer.

17. (TCO 2) Top leaders in government and business today are:
held to higher ethical standards than in the past.
held to less strict moral standards than in the past.
-- less interested in social responsibility than in the past.
at odds with the general public in regard to ethical issues.

18. (TCO 2) One problem of conducting a social audit is:
that most businesses are really not very concerned with these issues.
determining what should be measured and how to calculate the effect on society.
-- the primary focus of management is on the interests of stakeholders.
governmental "red-tape."

19. (TCO 2) One strategy guaranteed to displease your customers is to:
delight them with a quality product at a fair price.
--focus on cost and quality control systems within your organization.
practice deception regarding product safety issues.
shift the production of goods to foreign facilities and layoff U.S. workers.

20. (TCO 2) Ethical behavior will result in all of the following except:
greater trust and cooperation between employees and managers.
balanced, fair agreements that create benefits for all involved.
negative publicity from the news media.
improved self-esteem.

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