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Nutrition of the young child

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Why shouldn't unmodified cow's milk be given to an infant under one year old?
A.Infants are able to digest only breast milk.
B.It contains too much bacteria for young babies to handle.
C.It can cause an upset stomach
D.Most infants are allergic to it.
I pick B as my answer. Can someone tell me if I am correct.

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    I think you're right.

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    Thanks some of this stuff you can not find in the text.

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    Well, it's clear that A isn't correct because in addition to breast milk, babies can digest "formula." Sometimes a new parent has to try different brands before finding the right one for her child.

    C is true, but not for all babies.

    D is true, but again, not for all babies.

    Process of elimination works most of the time when dealing with multiple choice Q&A.

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    after a meal at a child care center, the leftover hot food in serving bowls should be kept where?

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