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0.550g sample containing only nacl and dissolved in water and titrated with a 0.0322M solution of agno3. complete titration of both halides was found to require 30.45ml of agno3 solution. calculate the weight percent of cl in the solid sample.

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    Please note that nacl doesn't mean anything. kbr is nothing either. cl is nothing. Starting a sentence with a small letter makes the sentence difficult to read and interpret. Henceforth, please write your questions in good style. I'm helping because I managed to understand the question after two or three attempts but MOST times I let the question go unanswered.
    Set the problem up as two simultaneous equations.
    Let X = mass NaCl
    let Y = mass KCl
    X + Y = 0.550 (equation 1).
    moles X + moles Y = moles AgNO3.
    (X/molar mass NaCl) + (Y/molar mass KCl) = moles AgNO3. (equation 2).
    moles AgNO3 = M x L.
    The problem asks for weight percent Cl. Therefore, convert mass NaCl to mass Cl, then percent Cl = (mass Cl/0.550)*100 = ??
    Post your work if you get stuck.

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