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question: a great deal of America's success can be traced to the impact of inventions. Show how several of these developments helped the country to grow.

my answer: Indoor electric lighting did not exist in 1865. The rising and setting of the sun dictated the rhythm of a day’s work. By modern standards, long-distance communication was agonizingly slow. In 1860, most mail from the East Coast took ten days to reach the Midwest and three weeks to get to the West. By 1900, daily life changed dramatically for millions of Americans. Between 1860 and 1890, 500,000 patents were issued for inventions such as the typewriter, sewing machine, and phonograph. The rail business improved greatly after the Civil War. The key event was the building of the transcontinental railroad, a railway extending from coast to coast. There were also advances in communication. The idea of sending messages over wires had occurred to inventors in the early 1700s. Morse perfected the telegraph; he devised a code of short and long electrical impulses to represent the letters of the alphabet. The work of Thomas A. Edison helped make electric power widely available. Household use of electric current revolutionized many aspects of daily life; electricity made the refrigerator possible. This invention reduced food spoilage and the need to cut, distribute, and store ice. Through the mid-1800s, the nation depended on iron for railroad rails and the frames of large buildings, but in the 1850s Henry Bessemer developed the Bessemer Process, a new process for making steel.

please check this, i don't think i need any extra information..just checkign
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    Good job. It sounds great and I don't think that you need any extra information.

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