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Arrange the fractions in order from smallest to largest. , , ,

Add. Write the answer in lowest terms.
3 2/7 + 5 3/7

Subtract. Write the answer in lowest terms.
6 4/5 - 2 1/5

Evaluate. Write the answer in lowest terms.


Add. Write the answer in lowest terms.
2/3 + 1/6 + 5/9

6. Add. Write the answer in lowest terms.

2 1/4 + 4 1/7

Perform the following operations. Write the answer in lowest terms.


Estimate the following product.

6 1/8x7 4/5

Find the least common multiple of 20 and 32.

Greg spent hour (h) responding to emails and h returning phone calls. How much time did he spend on the two activities?

Jon spent of his study time doing math homework and preparing for a history exam. What fraction of his study time remains?

Eduardo owned of a family business. He sold of the business to his son. What portion of the business does he still own?

a) Round to the indicated decimal place.

26.1978 three decimal places

b) For the decimal 6.08712:

What is the place value of 8?

Find the decimal equivalent of the mixed number.

11 1/4

Complete the statement, using the symbol < or >.

14/25 0.6

Write the following as a common fraction or mixed number. Write your answer in lowest terms.0.44

Write in decimal form.

Write the decimal equivalent, using the bar notation.2/9

A triangle has base 13 feet (ft) and an altitude (height) of 6 ft. Find its area.


Rochelle purchased an appliance that cost $815.56 with interest included. She paid $250 as a down payment and agreed to pay the remainder in 18 monthly payments.

What amount will she be paying per month?
A stereo receiver selling for $445.50 is discounted (or marked down to) $401.95. What is the savings?

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