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Please correct following sentences.

1. You can tell him. you will meet him today.
My answer is

When you will meet him today? tell me.

2. I was ill. I went to the doctor.

I went-------------

My answer is

I went to the doctor because I was ill.

3. "Please don't be late for class"

the teacher-------------

My answer is

The teacher reqeusted not to come late for class.

4. There are many books in the library. Students do not read them.


My answer is

Although there are many books in the library, stundets do not read them.

5. I did'nt have your telephone number. I couldn't call you.

If I ------------------
My answer is

If I had your telephone number, I could have called you.
Please tell me if the above are correct or not.

  • English -

    What were your directions for this set of "sentences"? This is quite vague.


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    In each question they give two sentences and asked me to make one sentence with the given word.

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    You can tell him when you meet him today.

    The teacher said, "Please don't be late for class."

    Your sentence should be: The teacher requested that we not be late for class.

    If I had had your telephone number, I could have called you.
    If I'd had your telephone number, I could have called you.

  • English -

    in the following set which rhymes with the word "awoke".

    broke provoke soak pack.

    please help me

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