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Chemistry-help needed

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I am asked to draw the 'dot and cross' diagram to show the ionic bonding in sodium chloride. I am asked to show only the outer electronic structure.

Sodium has 2.8.1 electronic configuration. After losing 1 electron to chlorine, it has 2.8 electronic configuration.

For sodium ion, do I draw 8 outer electrons or can it just be represented by [Na]+ to show that it has lost 1 valence electron?

Because I know that for chloride ion (2.8), I will need to show 8 electrons in the outer electronic structure.

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    Na element is written as Na. (that's the symbol plus the outer electron). So when it loses that 1 outside electron, it is represented by Na+. You are correct about the Cl but remember to put a negative charge on the chloride ion.

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