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Determining a Molecular Formula from an Empirical Formula

1. A compund has an experimental molar mass of 78g/mol. Its empirical formula is CH. What is its molecular formula?

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    The idea here is to see how many CH groups you have or put another way (CH)x where you want to determine x.
    So if x is 1, what would the molar mass be? It would be 12 for C + 1 for H = 13 for the CH. If x = 2, then the molar mass would be 26. If x = 3, the molar mass would be 3 x 13 = 39. So what time 13 = 78 (or close to it).

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    13 times 6 =78

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    but the relative atomic mass of C=12 and H=1
    therefore the molecular mass would be
    (12+1)n=78 g/mol
    13n = 78 g/mol

    the molecular formula is C6H6 .

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