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1. Do you know what?
2. What do you know?

(What is the difference between them?)

3. Which club do you go to?
3-1. I go to a dram club.
3-2. I go to the drama club.
(Which answer is right? Are both correct?)

4. I am Bora, your student from last year.(Is it correct? Do we have to use 'from' in this sentence? Do you have some other expressions having the same meaning? Does this sentence mean that Bora is still somebody's student?)

  • English -

    1 and 2 are almost the same on the surface.

    1 is asking someone if they know something in specific, and you might be expecting a particular answer.

    2 is more of a general question, almost like asking "how are you?"


    3-1 is saying you go to one of several drama clubs. (Watch the spelling of "drama.")

    3-1 is saying you go to the only drama club that exists.


    In 4, "from" is correct. It simply means that Bora was in the teacher's class last year, but doesn't indicate whether Bora is still in school or has already graduated.

    You could also say these: "I am Bora. I was in one of your classes last year." or "I am Bora. I was in your class last year."

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