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Can someone please explain the behavior of HCl/NaOH mixture as to why it started bubbling/dissolving when combined with Mg and with NH4Cl and why when blue litmus paper was dipped in the HCl/NaOH mixture it turned red. Also can someone explain the correct behavior that is supposed to be ellcited by the HCL/NaOH mixture and why? I would greatly appreciate it. Ive been pondering and thinking about these questions but Im stuck. Please help me. Thanks

The purpose of the experiment was to compare the properties of an acid (0.1M) and a base (0.1M NaOH) with those of water.I used 5ml of HCl and 5ml of NaOH. All it says is a small piece of amminium chloride.I hope this helps!!

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    I read your first post, the question Bob Pursley asked and your answer but there still is insufficient information to answer your question. You need to supply, as a minimum, the amounts of acid and base you used in each part of the experiment.

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    I used 5ml of a 0.1M solution of both the acid and the base

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