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Could someone please help me with this problem. I posted it yesterday but the teacher who tried to help me didn't know what I was fully talking about and I hope you can.

Directions: Find the area of each shaded region in simplest form.

(Imagine a medium rectangle that has 5x-1 on the top, 2x on the left side and inside the square in the corner is a right angle box with a 3 on the top and a 2 on the left side. Inside the retangle is the shaded region expect the box)

So this is what I came up with


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    Sorry I have a mistake where it says 2x on the left saide and in side the square, square is supposed to be rectangle.

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    Total area in rectangle=(5x-1)(2x)
    area in box: 3(2)=6

    Shaded area then is

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    Thanks so much for your help

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    Ah, Madeline, now you changed the wording of the question.
    Yesterday you had

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