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I am doing a final paper on Should Teachers Have the Authority to Remove Disruptive Students from Their Classes Permanently?

what can be possibly a main point.. can defining distruptive be a main point?

  • AE -

    Main points to me on the issue:
    Who should have the authority? What type of review or hearing should the student receive? What alternatives should be presented to the student?

    Let me give you some scenarios.
    1) a hyperactive child, not on medication for whatever reason.
    2) a child that wears "unusual" hair colors or styles
    3) a child with Tourette's Syndrome or a child with obsessive-compulsive disorders, or with spasms.
    4) a child who is immature in relation to his peers.

    As for definitions, I would worry more about the meaning of "permanently" more than anything else.

    Disruptive behaviour is just one item that classrooms need to address in a classroom management plan. What about doing work when assigned? Will one allow sleeping in class? Sleeping is not usually disruptive.

    Finally, an opinion. Teachers should not be allowed to remove, that ought to be done at a higher level. Who has the authority to remove a teacher permanently for behavior...not the student, but a higher level. To me, it is the same issue: establishing and maintaining a safe, effective environment conductive to learning. On the issue of Permanent removal, well, permanent is a long time. There needs to be a heirachy of alternative behavior controls. I don't believe in kicking out a girl from school because she cuts her hair in a Mohawk style, died pink, certainly, not permanently. I don't believer in kicking out students for religious beliefs, or for conduct outside the school, or for gender preferences (Private religious schools do this routinely).
    In dealing with young people, one has to recognize that young people experiment with roles in transient styles. Part of this actually helps kids, as it gives them experience in making decisions. We have to draw boundries...I see safety as a big issue, and some disruptions, but usually these are not permanent in nature. Disruptions need to be dealt with as they occur, with a heirachy of responses. Again, Permanent actions are long-lasting.

  • AE(bob) -

    Student Removal From Class
    A teacher may remove a student from class for the following reasons:

    Dangerous, disruptive or unruly behavior

    Behavior that interferes with the ability of the teacher to teach effectively
    Behaviors that violate District policies, rules and expectations outlined in the Student Handbook, or individual classroom rules and expectations of classroom decorum.
    Non-disciplinary reasons for removal of a student from class.

    then list exapmles for subpoints?

    can this also be a main point? Procedures for Removing a Student From Class
    and Placement Procedures, Parent/Guardian Notification Procedures

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