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math calculus

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Hi could someone please explain to me how i would use the chain rule
dy/dx = dy/du(du/dx) to solve for
y= sin(x+y) - im looking for dy/dx
i don't understand the steps

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    let u = x + y
    du/dx = 1 + dy/dx

    then y = sin u
    and dy/dx = cosu du/dx
    = cosu (1 + dy/dx)
    = cosu + dy/dxcosu
    dy/dx - dy/dxcoxu = cosu
    dy/dx = cosu/(1 - cosu)
    = cos(x+y)/( 1 - cos(x+y)

    personally I would bypass all that subbing and my second line would be

    dy/dx = cos(x+y)(1 + dy/dx)

  • math calculus -

    alright, but i don't know how i would now isolate for dy/dx?

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