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Posted by Mandy on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at 11:59am.

Would you please proof read and give any suggestions on making this a polished piece?

For the past three months work-related problems have occurred, causing conflicts among co-workers. The ongoing problems require attention in order to better assist our daily clients. The in-office situation came about a month after Jessica Hilo took a medical leave. During this time, Ralph and Frank were temporarily assigned her duties, resulting in an unequal balanced work flow. Frank has complained about Ruth’s poor quality in work, and I have noticed that she is working overtime at least twice a month, which costs the company additional money. On the other hand, Jack frequently has little work to do, and he has begun coming in late a couple times per week. His work is professionally completed, but tardiness reflects badly on his work profile.
To be successful the company needs teamwork. I do not feel that the co-workers are performing daily office tasks as well as they can and would like to offer some suggestions. First, I feel we should equally balance the work flow. Instead of reassigning Jessica’s work to Ralph and Frank, I suggest that Jack, Ralph, and the full time assistant temporarily take up the slack. Jack will no longer have little work to do, and he’ll arrive at work on time. When it is determined that Jessica isn’t coming back to work hire someone to take her place.
Ruth’s extra office tasks, overtime, and co-workers complaining kept her stressed, which results in her poor quality of work. When the work flow is equally balanced again this will ease stress on all co-workers. Ruth’s work performance would greatly improve. She would no longer require overtime, and this will save the company an additional $200 a month. Frank would no longer complain about Ruth’s poor quality in work, and he will be more focused on his office duties. With everyone focusing on their own duties and productivity the office will soon be back on track. We will better serve our clients, and build an outstanding company.

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