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Write an equation of the line containing the given point and parallel to the given line. Express yur answer in the form y=mx+b
(7,9) x+4y=5
The equation of the line is y=

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    Here is a clue for the question:
    Parallel lines have the same slope.

    You have 1 line - find its slope.

    Hope that helps

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    I have tried to work this problem can not get this answer. I am sorry I was a problem

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    ok, you have a line x + 4y = 5
    to find the slope re-write in the form
    y = mx + c
    where m is the slope and c is a constant

    in the above line m = -1/4.

    So we want the equation of a line parallel to the above line but goes through the point (7,9).

    As I said above parallel lines have the same slope so now we have a point and a slope. That's all we need to get the equation.
    Just sub in m = -1/4 and (x1,y1) = (7,9)
    into y - y1 = m(x - x1)

    and tidy up.

    That's it.

    Hope that clears things up

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